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MeetUP! - Mayfield Lake Park

  • Tue, July 13, 2021
  • 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 180 Beach Rd. Mossyrock 98564

Please join us for a day exploring Mayfield Lake!

AND-- Join our friends from the Columbia-Willamette Chapter who will be coming up from the Portland area for their yearly event planned from July 11-15th. They stay at the Mayfield Lake resort at the south end of the lake.

There are 3 launch sites, we will meet at Mayfield Lake Park at 11:00 AM.

1. Mayfield Lake Park: 4 free launch lanes & parking, toilets.

2. Lake Mayfield Resort (and marina), 350 Hadaller Rd. One lane fee launch ramp & fee parking, store, fuel and maybe a restaurant. 60 seconds off US 12, this is where the Portland chapter folks stay. Reservations - 360 985-2357

3. Ike Kinswa State Park, 873 WA-122, Silver Creek. 2 free launch lanes with parking, toilets.

Last year a dozen boats showed up and had a great time exploring  the box canyons of the Cowlitz River, deep, fast and a little sporty in places, but with a good turnaround below Mossyrock Dam. The Tilton River is shallow and slow with a lagoon for anchoring in time for lunch, something cold to drink and swimming if so inclined. See some photos of last year.

Mayfield Lake is a reservoir so there is always a danger of floating debris but Tacoma Power does a good job of keeping it clear. There is good cell coverage over most of the lake. It’s a bit of a drive for most of our club but all the first time visitors last year had a great time, hopefully we’ll have some newbies this year as well.

Any questions call Jeff Lucas, 253-820-1624 or Corrine Lucas, 253-355-0518. Hope to see you there!

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