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Antique & Classic Boat Society

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Seattle Yacht Club Parade through Montlake Cut since 1920

28 photo(s) Updated on: Sun, April 07, 2024
  • 2015 Opening Day
  • 2015 Opening Day
  • 2015 Opening Day
  • Spinnaker Class in the 2022 Opening Day
  • Grace Lucas on Jitterbug at 2022 Opening Day
  • Craig Magnussen's Take Off was the distributor of hooch to the runabouts in our award winning skit at the 2022 Opening Day.
  • She's a Duesy! from Tacoma Yacht Club at 2022 Opening Day
  • Semi! at 2022 Opening Day
  • Kyle Bieber's Owens at the 2022 Opening Day
  • Steve & Molly Snyder's Badlands at 2022 Opening Day - Roaring 20's!
  • 2020- Opening Day canceled due to COVID. A few of our members headed out anyway!
  • Ben Bottoms and Jace Thompson in their 1957 Glaspar Avalon.
  • 2018 Lunch at UW Crew house after the parade.
  • 2018 This is "CONNY" one of the Husky crew launches from 1932 to 1970. She is now retired from service to the UW crew and a member of our ACBS fleet.
  • 2018 Another picture at the crew house.
  • 2018 Here we are at the U of W crew house eating lunch after the parade.
  • 2018 Parading through the cut
  • 2018 Heading out the Montlake Cut for the Parade!
  • 2020 OOPS! - - seems Kirk is trying for any award he can get!
  • 2020 This is the COVID message!
  • 2020 The sign says "BOATING IS ESSENTIAL!"
  • Frank and Michelle on CARLU. The signs say "STAY AWAY" and "Opening Day 2020".
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